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Acoustical Features

KOROSEAL Interior Products offers a wide array of acoustical products specifically designed to manage sound in virtually any interior space. If your goal is to effectively control high noise levels oftentimes associated with public areas such as corporate environments, dining areas, performance spaces, and education facilities, Koroseal Sound Designs™ Acoustical Treatments combines both elegance and functionality.

Engineered to provide customized solutions, KOROSEAL Sound Designs are expertly manufactured with only the highest quality materials. Panel shapes, sizes, construction, surfacing selections, edge details, and mounting systems are carefully evaluated and custom-designed to provide a finished product that delivers superior acoustical performance for your facility.

Combining the sound absorbing qualities of our high performance fiberglass core with your choice of surface materials, KOROSEAL Sound Designs are available in 1/2" to 2" thicknesses. Our products are designed to meet NRC ranges from 0.70 to 1.10, dependent upon the surface materials selected and panel, cloud, or baffle construction.

You can select from an extensive collection of high-performance decorative woven textiles and functional non-woven acoustical fabrics for your surface finishes. Our expansive line of commercial wallcoverings from KOROSEAL®, Vicrtex®, and KOROSEAL® Studios can be acoustically perforated, offering endless selections of patterns, colors, and textures, all beautifully suited to meet your project's requirements.

Since it's all about making an impression, now you can experience the warmth and beauty of real wood in a unique acoustical application. KOROSEAL Sound Designs offers a comprehensive line of wood veneer wallcoverings as another versatile option for your acoustical needs. These beautiful wood veneer wallcoverings are precision perforated to provide a high level of acoustical performance.

Koroseal Sound Designs™ starts with the highest-quality fiberglass core. Edges are resin hardened for dimensional stability and impact resistance. Your choice of surface material is then fully adhered to the acoustical core using our proprietary process, assuring that each panel will maintain its smooth and uniform appearance for years to come. The corners are then meticulously tailored for a beautifully finished product.

Our high-performance woven textiles, needle punch acoustical fabrics, and commercial wallcoverings are durable and easy to maintain. In fact, fabrics can be lightly vacuumed when soiled and most spots can be cleaned with commercial carpet and upholstery cleaners. KOROSEAL®, Vicrtex®, and KOROSEAL® Studios Wallcoverings can be gently cleaned as directed in written care and maintenance instructions.

Our fiberglass acoustical core demonstrates our commitment to developing products that are well designed, tested, and environmentally responsible. Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) has recently certified that the recycled content used in the production of our core material makes up to 40% of the total weight.

The certification of the recycled content by a respected third-party firm (SCS) assures that our fiberglass core, the starting point for KOROSEAL Sound Designs™, meets or exceeds industry accepted recommendations for sustainability

When specifying acoustical materials for your projects, begin with the certified recycled content core. Then, choose from a variety of surface materials including recycled content polyesters and recycled content commercial wallcoverings. Koroseal's acoustical panels, baffles and clouds can contain 45% post-consumer content or more dependent upon your surface material selection. These thoughtfully crafted products can help a building achieve LEED® points in the following categories:

LEED MR 3 (Healthcare): Sustainability Sourced Materials and Products.
LEED MR 4: Recycled Content.
LEED MR 5 (Commercial Interiors): Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Regionally.
LEED EQ 4 (Schools, Healthcare, Retail): Low-Emitting Materials (EQoustics™ Series).
LEED EQ 9 (Schools): Enhanced Acoustical Performance.

Rotofast™ Mounting System is a registered trademark of Rotofast, Inc. Whispertone® Wallboard is a registered trademark of Johns Manville. LEED® is a registered trademark of the United States Green Building Council.

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High performance decorative woven textiles and non-woven acoustical fabrics are just a few of the beautiful surface options available.

Water-based resin hardened edges strengthen and protect the panel edges against damage and warping. Edges are completely wrapped and corners are hand-mitered and finished to ensure a tailored look.

Square Edge

Quarter Bevel Edge

Half Bevel Edge

Radius Edge

Mitered Edge

Tegular Edge

Koroseal Acoustical Treatments are custom manufactured to meet your project specifications. Wall panels, baffles, and clouds are manufactured to confirmed field measurements. Our acoustical cores can be crafted into custom shapes and sizes in widths up to 60" for our 1" thick treatments and most 2" thick treatments. Other custom thicknesses are available in widths up to 48". Lengths are available up to 120". Fabrics and vinyl wallcoverings available in 54" widths are well suited for use on panel widths up to 48" in 1" thickness. Panel widths exceeding 48" require surface materials 60" wide or greater.

KOROSEAL Sound Designs can be installed using RotoFast™ Fastening Systems, "z" clip mounting brackets, construction adhesives, impaling clips, and hook and loop fasteners. For baffle and cloud applications, attachment methods are custom designed for ease of installation.