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Patty Madden draws inspiration from the world around her; input from daily life touches her emotionally and physically and becomes the architecture of her dreams at night, where the universe is re-imagined by the subconscious. She awakens each morning with a renewed creative energy, anxious to translate the architectural details, patterns and colors she recalls in her work.

Pushing the production envelope to find the methods and materials that best bring her vision to life is a constant and fascinating challenge.

Technology can enhance the impact of a pattern, and Patty has discovered a special manufacturing technique that creates a three-dimensional effect by manipulating the reflected light and shadow on the surface.

Pattern is at the core of her design philosophy—the spirit of order, harmony and discipline; a series of simple or complex mathematical events that create a pure rhythmic beauty. Patty gravitates toward a range of timeless motifs: damasks, leaves, circles and bold geometrics that touch the viewer instinctually. Curvilinear shapes found in nature calm and comfort while angular patterns satisfy a need for logic and organization.

Beauty and art are not luxuries—they are necessities. The absence of beauty can itself be a source of inspiration that compels Patty to fill the void with work that goes beyond mere decoration to transcend culture and time.