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After graduating from the Art Center College of Design, Leon Rosenblatt began working as a free lance illustrator for companies including RCA Records, Random House Publishing, The National Lampoon, Rolling Stone, and more.

In 1976 he accepted a Fellowship at the University of Miami and created a process named Stat Art which allows original lithographic fine art to be printed on large commercial newspaper presses in edition runs of up to one million. In 1979, Artist Robert Rauschenberg agreed to collaborate with Rosenblatt and the Miami Herald by using Stat Art to create the world's largest edition of an original lithograph as the cover for Tropic, the Herald's Sunday Magazine.

In 1984 Rosenblatt founded a multi media advertising and production company called Parallel Productions where he produced the first televised Key West Fantasy Fest for Andy Warhol's cable television channel in New York. Rosenblatt and his son Demian started ParallelDesigned in 1999, specializing in creating and branding new products for the fashion, accessory, media tech and hospitality industries.

In 2010, artist and designer Leon Rosenblatt finished a two year series of graphite drawings entitled Streamers, a group of more than forty chronologically drawn pieces that flow into each other in an ongoing, surrealistic landscape.

The work is unique in that although each of the meticulously detailed drawings stand alone, there is no denying the continuing "story" of imagery. Rosenblatt refers to this process as "streaming" because he creates the drawings purely from his subconscious memory. Starting randomly on each page, he uses no referenced, still life objects or photographs. What first seems to be abstract, becomes three dimensionally alive, even if the objects are often just beyond recognizable.

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