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Mark Pollack is an innovative designer whose primary canvas is woven fabric. When he sits down to design, it is not a conscious adaptation of something he has seen. He pulls his inspiration from everywhere. Often he starts with a woven structure, perhaps a yarn. He then instinctively draws on the shapes, colors, textures and surfaces collected in his memory through travel, observation and a love of art. Like a couturier, he is sensitive to every nuance of the possibilities…the layers, the construction, the colors, the textures, the innovations. He sees the cloth as the whole cloth, not just the pattern.

Using a combination of his fine art background and a highly developed technical expertise, he then envisions and thoughtfully fine tunes designs that in turn become useful art to complement how we live and work. The results are innovative and unique. Feeling like fine art, combined with a high degree of utility, his designs encompass the urbane and witty, the ornate and restrained, the contemporary and the classic.

After 25 years creating fabrics for the residential and contract market, the logical next step is to use his creative energy for the wall. Just as he builds unique, often technologically innovative fabric, he and his creative design team now build unique vinyl wallcovering for the Koroseal® Studios division of RJF International with the same degree of technical expertise and artistry he applies to woven surfaces. For Pollack, it isn’t just about the facade...it is about understanding the material, the structure and satisfying the need, whether fabric or vinyl.

As a successful textile designer and design director/partner of his namesake company, Mark Pollack has gained a high level of recognition since graduating from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in 1976. His honors include Roscoe and IBD awards and the Modernism Award from Metropolitan Home Magazine. In addition, his fabrics and fine art textiles have been selected for many museum and gallery exhibitions such as inclusion in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s 2003 Design Triennial. Pollack has not only attained commercial success, this multi-faceted professional also enjoys a reputation as an educator having taught at RISD, Philadelphia University (formerly known as Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science) and Moore College of Art. He frequently lectures to professional groups around the country and serves as a juror of design competitions.