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Anya Larkin® wallcoverings, like fine works of art, add feeling and depth to a room. It is a pleasant emotion—created by layers of uncompromising craftsmanship. Larkin patiently mixes subtle reflections of light, with thoughtful, intellectual patterns and textures reminiscent of the sublime Zen of oriental art. For Larkin, the wall and the spaces in between are vast canvases for her endless artistry.

Larkin’s work is both infinite and timeless, reflecting a passion for nature, antiquity and that elusive element...comfortable elegance. Her designs are a fine balance between contrasts. Classic, yet modern. Asian in mood, yet European in opulence. Practical, yet theatrical.

Larkin occupies an important place in the modern era of design as a creator whose talent moves through unlimited horizons. Trained as a fine artist, Larkin has also applied her artistry to "fine silk canvases" created for many of the world’s best-known couturiers and worn by the world’s most notable women. Larkin’s artistic integrity and genius have been recognized both by the Louvre’s Decorative Art Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Her wallpapers are housed in their permanent collection and are frequently on public display.