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WeaveUp is a collection of over 1,000 artists from around the world. Some artists are trained as textile designers while others have backgrounds in drawing, photography, sculpture and other fine arts. WeaveUp’s Design Library contains over 10,000 customizable designs. This gives designers the opportunity to find, or customize, the perfect wallcovering for their project.

WeaveUp’s groundbreaking Customization Tool automatically separates the colors of a design and gives designers complete control over the color, pattern and repeat with a few simple clicks. Color matched, digitally printed samples arrive in just 3 days.

WeaveUp’s Huesteria PaletteTM, containing over 1,600 color chips, ensures an accurate color match for even the most exacting designer. Digital printing wall coverings provide benefits beyond customization. Large repeats are easy to accommodate, there is less waste and samples and orders ship faster.

Another significant advantage of using WeaveUp’s technology is WeaveUp’s partnership with Valley Forge Fabrics, the leading textile supplier for the hospitality industry. Since the technology platform and color palette are the same, designers can achieve a color match across Koroseal’s wallcoverings and Valley Forge’s fabrics in days not months.

Koroseal is WeaveUp's exclusive commercial wallcoverings partner.

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