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Digital Print Media

Digital Wallcovering Media

Type II Wallcoverings
High-performance digital wallcovering media. Designed and manufactured in-house with a variety of visually impactful embossed textures...from subtle stipples to artist canvas to leather to distinctive stone finishes.

option e® Wallcoverings
State-of-the-art technology takes contract wallcoverings to a whole new level with an alternative construction high-performance digital wallcovering media. Contains post-consumer recycled content without any chlorine, phthalate plasticizers or other halogenated compounds.

Digital Print Media

Acrylic / Polycarbonate / PETG

Clear solid surface materials utilized for a variety of creative sign & display projects. Combine with a variety of standoff options for dimensional displays and create your own 2D & 3D designs. All provide stiffness, durability and clarity, but the specific demands of your project will help determine the right choice.

Digital Print Media


A rigid, durable and lightweight sheet material with a low gloss finish. Its super smooth surface makes it excellent for direct printing or for laminating & mounting creative wall graphics.

Digital Print Media

Arbor Series® Wood Wallcoverings

Offering the natural appeal of real wood and the convenience of wallcovering. Class A fire-rated and manufactured with five components to provide stability and easy installation, even around curves and corners.

Digital Print Media

Digital Media Samples option e® Samples Arbor Series® Samples Tac·Wall Samples

Koroseal Digital Installation Video


Tac·Wall® Tackable Wall Surfaces
Linoleum / cork wallcovering that quickly, easily, and economically turns walls, doors, partitions, panels, and room dividers into decorative, functional, and tackable surfaces.

Sound Designs™ Acoustical Treatments
Combining both elegance and functionality, we offer a wide array of digitally printed acoustical products specifically designed to manage sound in virtually any interior space.

And many more.