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Korogard Wall Protection Systems

More Colorful Choices

Korogard has expanded our standard color options from 36 to 50, giving you more choices than ever before! Our 'systems' approach to wall protection allows you to mix and match lots of great colors to create just the right combination for your interior.

New color choices are available for protective wallcovering, handrails, crash rails, bumper guards, and surface- and recess-mount corner guards. Plus, our standard colors have no minimums!

View the Korogard color palette.

About BIM

More and more architects, engineers, contractors, and owners are taking advantage of Building Information Modeling or BIM technology during the planning, design, construction and sustainability phases of projects. BIM explores all elements when it comes to design. Many details and qualities are integrated into the project package to include building geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, technical specification and much more to give you a complete vision of your project.


BIM has proven to increase productivity, ensure consistency, and reduce the chance of errors since all objects within a project are related to one another. BIM drawings go beyond the capabilities of a traditional CAD drawing. In addition to their enhanced visual characteristics, they are comprised of a group of objects linked to a database of information related to the project. Thus, if a related object changes, the original is modified to adapt to that change.

Get Started

Korogard BIM objects can be downloaded online so you can start incorporating the Korogard brand into your specifications from the project start!