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Tackable Surface Star
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tac•wall® Tackable Surfaces

This durable, washable floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall communication surface is the perfect alternative to boring bulletin boards or dark cork wall tiles that crumble, deteriorate, and destroy wall surfaces.

Available in 12 non-reflective decorative colors, tac-wall is a bold linoleum/cork wallcovering that quickly, easily, and economically turns walls, doors, partitions, panels, and room dividers into decorative and functional spaces.

Self-healing tac-wall is exceptionally resilient. It resists cracking, drying, or peeling, and the washable surface continues to look new even after years of use. Composed almost exclusively of natural materials, tac-wall consists of linseed oil, granulated cork, and rosin binders mixed and calendered onto natural burlap backing. Uni-color extends throughout the thickness of material. Tac-wall contains no harmful components.

Standard aluminum, hardwood frames, and accessories designed specifically for use with Walltalkers® presentation surfaces are also available.

Note: This product meets California Indoor Air Quality Specifications 01350.

More than 50% of tac-wall is manufactured with pre-consumer recycled content and more than 60% is made from rapidly renewable resources.