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Wood Veneer Wallcoverings
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Sustainable choice for interior design

  • Significantly improved log yield compared to millwork. Through advanced slicing technology, the amount of wall that can be covered using Arbor Wood Veneer Wallcoverings is 300% greater than millwork.
  • Installed with low-VOC adhesives that are compliant with the U.S.G.B.C.'s LEED® Environmental Quality Credit 4.1.
  • Logs are harvested from well managed forests and plantations.
  • Because of the greater production yield achieved with wood veneers, fewer hardwood resources are required comp ared to solid millwork
  • Provide substantial freight savings compared to millwork. Because Arbor Series Wood Veneer Wallcoverings are light, they require less fuel to ship to a job location compared to other types of wood products.
As a responsible corporate citizen, Koroseal Interior Products is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources, and the global environment. This commitment extends beyond compliance with the law to encompass integration of sound environmental practices into our business decisions.

Corporate Responsibility

  • Manufacturing: Koroseal Interior Products's manufacturing facilities continuously pursue methods to further reduce operating emissions, recycle all waste material and use the safest raw materials with the least environmental impact.
  • Personnel: Every Koroseal Interior Products employee receives sustainability training annually pertinent to his/her job responsibility.
  • Product: Koroseal Interior Products will supply products that promote sustainability. This includes supplying products that are low-emitting, contain recycled material, require low energy to produce and are easily maintained.