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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric

Tracey Reinberg

Tracey Reinberg's journey to award-winning surface designer has been a circuitous one through fine art and foreign travel. She studied photography and lived in Rome, both of which have exerted their influence on her design: Rome, for its classical proportions, and photography for learning how to look-how to see light, texture, and capture mood.

Tracey worked for years in Texas and New York exhibiting and publishing as a fine arts photographer, honoring her sense of what is a visually compelling composition. "That’s when I began using devices of layering and transparency and reflection that still intrigue me as compositional and design devices."

The Reinberg look is both modern and retro, mathematical and geometric, full of movement; dots, lines and curves, grids and rectangles--a unique combination of order and apparent anarchy. "I keep an eye on my historical muses," says Tracey. "I try to remember the lessons of good design to create something with timeless appeal. This doesn’t mean something conservative; in fact, the twist, the way I make it mine, is fundamental." Among those examples of things which she keeps close at hand which she considers fundamentally well-designed: her collection of Japanese kimonos, and her extensive music collection which ranges from Django Reinhardt to Nino Rota to Thelonious Monk to Egyptian operetta. In the mix, and not to be discounted in the design process, a good meal and a good long bike ride.

Reinberg’s work has a joyous spirit that is beyond formal inspiration: "I'm an unrepentant punster," she says, "both verbal and visual, and this comes into play in my design work. People say that my work contains many 'aha!' moments, layers of visual discovery; if this is the result of some external force or inspiration, then I suppose I would have to give credit to the Marx Brothers."

Tracey works in an airy Los Angeles studio, illuminated by the famous Southern California light. There she explores her contemporary repertoire of geometric form to produce surprising designs that give as much pleasure in viewing as she takes in creating them.



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