• 100% post-consumer content
  • UL environmental certified recycled content
  • Supports LEED rating system
  • NRC rating of up to .25
  • NFPA 265 Corner Burn for Textile Wallcovering
  • Class A / ASTM E-84

HYTEX ECO-A.R.T. offers contemporary styles to meet the needs of the marketplace, delivering both an important environmental statement and a visually beautiful, sculpted design story that addresses all vertical surfaces.

This is the only non-woven wallcovering collection made in the USA from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The technology uses 15 plastic bottles to create 1 yard of acoustical wallcovering that can be recycled back into fiber at the end of its life cycle.

It performs at a high level across a variety of applications delivering wallcovering sophistication with an added value of real sound mitigation. With a noise reduction rating (NRC) of up to 0.25, it brings a sense of peace anywhere noise levels impede concentration, focus, or an individual's overall experience within that environment.

HYTEX ECO-A.R.T. uses patented Fosshield® to deliver extraordinary antimicrobial defense. Fosshield is a material science and fiber technology that is FDA cleared. It provides protection by incorporating silver and copper ions into the root fiber that naturally attack microbes.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric