Elegant Metal


Elegant Metals introduces the beauty of metal to achieve a durable, high-performance design. Select from three distinct surface options and 15 exceptional designs to create a focal point of your interior.

Please Note: Swatches have been added to give you a general idea of color. When specifying your project, we encourage you to request a product sample to verify the actual color.

Aluminum Handrail Top & Bottom Caps

Powder-coated to provide a variety of color options, attractive aluminum rails offer more than design appeal, they also provide a level of abrasion resistance. Bellagard handrails can be specified with your choice of top and bottom cap styles. Aluminum caps are available in round and u-channel options outlined below. U-channel is available in bottom cap only.

Top Cap Option

Top Cap - Round

U-Channel Color Options

U-Channel - Clear Satin (AC01-00)
U-Channel - Black (AC01-01)
U-Channel - Silver (AC01-02)
U-Channel - Silver Stratum (AC01-03)

Bottom Cap Options

Bottom Cap - Round

Top and Bottom Cap Color Options

Top & Bottom Cap - Black (HRA1-01)
Top & Bottom Cap - Silver (HRA1-02)
Top & Bottom Cap - Silver Stratum (AC01-03)

Wood Handrail Top & Bottom Caps

Create warmth and beauty with Bellagard’s® attractive real wood top and bottom caps. Bellagard® rails can be specified with your choice of top and bottom cap styles. Wood caps are available in round, oval, and u-channel in a variety of stain options outlined below. U-Channel is available in bottom cap only.

Top and Bottom Cap Option


Wood Stain Options

Ash - Natural (A1)
Ash - Red Oak (A2)
Ash - Cherry (A3)
Cherry - Natural (C1)
Cherry - Red Oak (C2)
Cherry - Cherry (C3)
Eucalyptus - Natural (E1)
Eucalyptus - Red Oak (E2)
Eucalyptus - Cherry (E3)
Maple - Natural (M1)
Maple - Red Oak (M2)
Maple - Cherry (M3)
Poplar - Red Oak (P2)
Poplar - Cherry (P3)
Red Oak - Natural (R1)
Red Oak - Red Oak (R2)
Red Oak - Cherry (R3)


Button caps hide the hardware used to mount Bellagard rails and are simple to install. Standoffs are used to mount handrails and chair rails and are offered in clear acrylic, aluminum, and wood. Bellagard metallic end caps provide a sleek radiused look to handrails. Black, silver, and silver stratum can be specified. With so many color and finish options available, Bellagard has the ability to tie every element of your project together.

Button Caps

Anodized Brown (8A)
Black (8C)
Chocolate (8D)
Chrome (8E)
Gold (8F)
Antique White (8H)
Mahogony (8K)

Stand-Off Options

Wood (SW22)
Aluminum (SA22)
Clear Acrylic (ST22)

Metallic End Cap

Metallic End Cap

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric