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Digital Window Film

Elevate your interiors with Koroseal's digital print capabilities on window film, infusing color, design, and function effortlessly. Turn ordinary glass into visually striking elements that provide privacy, light control, and improved wayfinding. From corporate branding to personalized aesthetics, our customizable prints create a perfect blend of style and practicality. Discover the seamless integration of vibrant designs and enhanced functionality with Koroseal's window film, setting your space apart with a touch of innovation.

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Not all standard designs are best suited for window films. 


Customizing Window Film

Ink Combinations

There are various ways that White and Color inks can be combined and each combination will yield a different effect. These combinations are:
  • Color Ink Only
  • White Ink Only
  • Color and White Inks


The Opacity of a print on window film is the degree to which the ink completely blocks out light. A high opacity print allows very little light to pass through, while a low opacity one is very transparent, and allows considerable light to pass though.


A Gradient is a print that starts as one color or opacity and fades to a different color or opacity. 




Specifying Window Film

First Surface vs Second Surface

Window film may be applied to either side of a pane of glass, and this is typically determined by which side will receive less exposure to physical contact (for longevity of the product).

Depending on which side, or surface, of the glass is chosen, the artwork may need to be printed as a mirror-image so that the image will “read” as intended once installed. It’s critical to establish the location from which you’re viewing the finished design in it’s normal left-to-right orientation. Since First Surface is always on the same side of the glass as the viewer, we need to know the name of that location. For example, if the glass separates a Corridor and a Conference Room, and the viewer is in the Corridor, you would indicate “First Surface from Corridor Side”.

Specifying Window Film


When specifying window film, two sets of dimensions are required. First, an overall height and width of each main glass unit (window, door, etc.) must be provided. In addition to this however, dimensions for each individual pane of glass, as well as those of any mullions or dividers must also be provided. These are critical to ensure that the finished film will align continuously across the full section of glass.

Note: Each pane of glass will be printed as a separate window film. These include 2” of bleed and must be trimmed to fit by the installer. The material is available up to 61” in width, so for very wide glass panels, a seam might be necessary.

See the section “Measuring for Window Film” in the guide for more details.


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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric