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New Wallcoverings Now Available

Performance, digital, and textile wallcoverings - all available through Koroseal. Explore our latest wallcovering designs from our talented design collaborators Patty Madden, Stacy Garcia, Sarah Rowland, and Mandy Budan.

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New Pattern Spotlight: Zendo

Inspired by the timeless artistry of vintage stitched quilts, Zendo stands out as a distinctive yet practical wallcovering for diverse commercial environments. This mid-scale design, featuring a meticulously stitched motif with an etched appearance on a canvas-like emboss, is seamlessly blended with subtle speckles for added texture and dimension.

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Introducing the NEW Koroseal

We’re embarking on an exciting journey of transformation. From dreaming to doing, Koroseal is your partner on the path. We exist to surround you with the colors, patterns, textures, and applications that stir your imagination – and deliver real-world performance to ensure your vision endures. If you can dream it, Koroseal can help you create it.

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Koroseal Feature in Green Lodging News

Check out the latest edition of Green Lodging news to learn about Koroseal’s new Creators, Creating campaign that kicked off at the HD Expo in Las Vegas this year.

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Featured Creator

Stacy Garcia

Explore our textural, retro new designs by Stacy Garica | New York, perfect for any interior. The SGNY collection embodies the energy, buildings, and people of the city and draws inspiration from the sites and scenes that fill its streets. Each pattern within the offering emphasizes the magic amidst the madness in a city brimming with opportunity.

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At Koroseal, we want to be more than just a source of inspiration along your design journey; we want to be your most trusted partner.

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July's Trending Color

Officially a medium chroma, green-based blue, Color Marketing Groups's trending color, 360 Degrees, expresses the intensity of an unlimited stream of information as well as deep water. Recognized for also having a slight retro touch, it is a hue that can exude the joy from an online game, or splashing in a lake.

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Product Added to Favorites

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric