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Samples are an important part of the design process and we appreciate you considering Koroseal for your project. When you no longer need them, just send them back to us and we will recycle them to keep additional waste out of the landfill.

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As a responsible corporate citizen, Koroseal Interior Products is dedicated to protecting human health, natural resources, and the global environment to contribute to the realization of a society that is inclusive, sustainable, and enjoyable. 

Manufacturing: Koroseal's manufacturing facilities continuously pursue methods to further reduce operating emissions, recycle all waste material, and use the safest raw materials with the least environmental impact.

  • Pioneered the conversion to water-based inks, eliminating all solvents in printing processes
  • Recycle printing inks
  • All Koroseal manufactured products are made in the USA

Product: Koroseal will supply products that promote sustainability. This includes supplying products that are low-emitting, contain recycled material, require low-energy to produce, and are easily maintained.

Corporate sustainability commitment


Several Koroseal products can contribute to a building achieving LEED® credits:

  • Building Reuse
  • Construction Waste Management
  • Recycled Content
  • Regional Materials (Commercial Interiors)
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials
  • Forest Stewardship Council® Certified Wood
  • Low-Emitting Adhesives and Sealants
  • Low-Emitting Paints and Coatings
  • Low-Emitting Composite Wood and Agrifiber Products
  • Low-Emitting Materials (Schools, Retail, and Healthcare)
  • First wallcovering manufacturer to be listed on the CHPS Low-Emitting Materials Table


  • Construction Waste Management
  • Finished Material Pollution Control
  • Acoustic Control
  • Recycled Content

Forest Stewardship Council® and FSC® are registered trademarks of FSC Forest Stewardship Council, A.C., license code FSC-C117062

option eTM

The performance and beauty of vinyl in an alternative construction incorporating recycled material, option e Wallcoverings provide designers with another choice in stunning wallcoverings while meeting the same physical characteristics of Type II vinyl wallcoverings.

  • LEED MR 3 (Healthcare), Sustainably Sourced Materials and Products: option e wallcoverings are manufactured with recycled material
  • LEED MR 4, Recycled Content: option e Wallcoverings are manufactured with recycled material
  • LEED MR 5.1 (CI), Regional Materials: option e can contribute to a building achieving this credit if the building is located within 500 miles of our manufacturing facility, depending on the product
  • LEED EQ 4 (Schools, Retail, Healthcare), Low-Emitting Materials: option e Wallcovering meets California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350
  • Chlorine-free
  • Printed with water-based inks
  • Can be made breathable, achieving an average permeability rating of 10, reducing the potential for mold and mildew growth

Koroseal products that contribute to a building achieving LEED® points

MR 1.2 Building Reuse, Maintain 50% of Interior Non-Structural Elements
MR 2 Construction Waste Management, Divert 50%-75% from Disposal
MR 3 (Healthcare) Sustainably Sourced Materials and Products
MR 4 Recycled Content
MR 5 (Option 1) (Cl) Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Regionally
MR 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials
MR 7 Forest Stewardship Council® -Certified Wood®
EQ 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials, Adhesives, and Sealants
EQ 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials, Paints, and Coatings
EQ 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials, Composite Wood, and Agrifiber Products
EQ 4 (Schools, Retail, Healthcare) Low-Emitting Materials
EQ 9 Enhance Acoustical Performance
Korogard Protective Wallcovering
Koroseal® Wallcovering
Sound Designs™ Acoustical Panels
Tac•Wall® Wallcovering
Walltalkers® Presentation Surfaces

Note: Not all items in the product categories listed above meet the criteria to contribute to a building achieving LEED® points. Please contact your Koroseal sales representative for additional details.

*Forest Stewardship Council®-Certified Wood must be specified. FSC-C117062

Product Added to Favorites

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric