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Introducing the Grounded Collection - a captivating ensemble of performance wallcoverings featuring 11 meticulously curated patterns. Each design is complemented by coordinating colors inspired by the nuanced tones found in land, sky, water, and plants. These hues, chosen for their subtle take on nature, set a soothing and timeless tone for any space, transcending boundaries and offering a harmonious balance in your interior. 

Explore the beauty of muted earthy tones, seamlessly adapting to various design schemes. With the Grounded Collection, subtlety meets sophistication, shaping a timeless canvas inspired by the gentle colors of the natural world, standing the test of evolving styles and preferences. 



Drawing inspiration from our enchanting gardens, Florage represents a captivating shadowed floral pattern executed in tone-on-tone hues that is enriched with a heathered linen texture to bestow a softened aesthetic. It stands as a singular design within a cohesive collection, aligning harmoniously with Linsey, a linen texture, Linsey Stripe, a linen stripe, and Florage Grove, a vibrant, multi-colored customizable floral wallcovering. Together, they form a complementary ensemble of designs. 

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The inspiration for our latest linen creation, Linsey, stems from the organic texture and delicate intricacies naturally interwoven into the fabric's rich history across diverse cultures. The unpretentious elegance and refined lines of Linsey play a crucial role in the subtle interplay of colors and textures. These nuanced variations in color create a sense of depth that mirrors the organic and earthy essence inherent in the pattern. This design directly coordinates with Linsey Stripe and Florage, also serving as a companion to Florage Grove, a customizable digital pattern. 

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Traditional patterns are making a comeback, with stripes taking center stage in this revival. Linsey Stripe leads the way with its carefully balanced spacing and understated tone-on-tone hues, ensuring an appealing pattern that adds a tasteful touch of visual interest and charm. As a direct coordinate to Linsey and Florage, it also effortlessly complements Florage Grove, a customizable digital wallcovering, creating a harmonious and coordinated ensemble. 

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Amaranth is a timeless, refreshing, and elegant zigzag pattern. The design combines a jacquard print technique and a paper weave embossing texture to yield a subdued and authentic appearance.  The alternating horizontal and vertical effects in the design create a play of tension and relief that contributes to the unique and sophisticated aesthetic, blending traditional craftsmanship with a modern, abstract representation inspired by the natural landscape of the African savannah. The color palette for this design creates a harmonious and balanced aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the tranquility of nature.   

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Inspired by arid landscapes and their ancestral connection to essential building materials, the Arid pattern beautifully captures the simplicity of a troweled surface technique. Crafted to replicate thin layers of plaster, the pattern exudes a slight sheen, blending a modern heirloom aesthetic with a sentimental nod to handcrafted heritage, forming a timeless and meaningful design. 

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Astra boasts a starburst-inspired composition featuring elements resembling radiating beams of light or a star-shaped motif with emanating rays. The design encompasses both light and dark backgrounds, dependent on the chosen colorway. Its radiating motif and color palette connects us to the sky and stars, filling us with optimism. With a subtle cross-weave texture, the design is enhanced introducing depth and visual intrigue to the overall aesthetic

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Batouri draws inspiration from the timeless artistry of traditional woven baskets from Zimbabwe, known as nongo, capturing the allure of a plain weave pattern harmoniously intertwined with exquisite wickerwork. This design imparts structural elegance to the wall, bringing nature's enchanting textures to life with striking visual effects. Complemented by the tactile appeal of rough or finely woven grasscloth, Batouri adds depth and richness to your space's overall aesthetic. 

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Belgian Quartz transforms walls into a canvas of natural splendor, sharing its texture with two of Arte's best-selling designs, Belgian Linen and Sapphire. The pattern achieves an intricate balance, blending organic beauty with refined elegance. The subtle texture adds depth, while clean lines and refined details create a sleek aesthetic, turning any space into a haven of sophistication. 

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COHIBA by Arte

Cohiba is inspired by the delicate beauty of banana tree bark, forming a herringbone stripe motif that dances with light and shadow on the walls. The playfully artful arrangement of shadowed lights and darks introduces an extra dimension, effortlessly infusing a natural touch into the space. Cohiba creates an atmosphere resonating with refined elegance, transcending the ordinary with a nuanced and enchanting texture interplay that transforms your surroundings with sophisticated allure. 

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Inspired by the enduring preference for natural aesthetics, Ratan effortlessly blends natural warmth and texture, evoking an earthy and rustic charm. This pattern seamlessly adapts woven rattan to modern aesthetics while preserving its timeless allure, featuring a diagonal weave emboss enhanced with a print and an ink wipe to mimic nuanced color variations found in woven grasses. The design reflects the widespread appreciation for tactile charm and creativity expressed through the resurgence of crocheting and alternative forms of weaving materials. 

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Drawing inspiration from the inherent allure of sisal, Tarragon unveils meticulously arranged geometric figures, embodying a harmonious fusion of traditional elements and contemporary design. This pattern provides a geometric canvas that weaves natural elements into a random patchwork of straight and curved shapes, forming a genuine work of art that graces your wall with deliberate elegance. 

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric