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Wake up in the jungle, be amazed by the mysterious tropics and pass through the wild desert. Arte's new collection of 52 designs takes you on a journey of discovery of opposites; the rugged, desolate Sahara contrasts sharply with the vibrant wilderness. Darkness alternates with sunlight, water versus drought; two worlds come together and form one harmonious whole. These new collections mix warm and soft materials with pure, rugged materials. Fresh colors complement the dark ones and modest styles contrast with bold eye-catchers.

Icons Detail


Icons charms with its versatility of materials, all established values in interior decorating, such as shagreen leather (galuchat), bouclé fabric, metal accents and rattan. However, the application of these evergreens on the wall is extremely surprising and original. Typical are the various geometric patterns that show a striking block motif. Not only is the warm material mix a surprising factor, the varying incidence of light and the play of matte and gloss also give an extra luxurious dimension.

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Manila Detail


Floral patterns in combination with organic shapes are the common thread throughout the Manila collection. Threads of different materials and thicknesses are meticulously placed in patterns by hand, creating a minimalist design with corresponding relief. The transposition of this artisan precision work to the wall results in a very refined and sophisticated look. Manila follows the interior design trend in which woven threads are integrated into various applications.

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Manovo Detail


Manovo, the largest national park in Central Africa, is the source of inspiration for this eclectic mix of botanical prints, geometric shapes and plain patterns. The jacquard technique used, weaves different colours of paper together, producing a pattern. This creates an abstract, photographic representation of the African savannah. Horizontal and vertical effects alternate, creating tension and relief.

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Samal Detail


Samal is an island in the Philippines where capiz is harvested. These oyster-like shells are manually coloured, cut and inlaid in geometric patterns. Capiz is a real natural product; each shell is unique and differs in colour and structure. This makes this collection an exclusive and artistic wallcovering. In addition, the colour nuances of the mother-of-pearl vary according to the light, creating a surprising and constantly changing effect.

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Decors Detail


Each panoramic or décor immerses you in a fairy-tale or intriguing story. The patterns not only appeal to the imagination, but the material used is also surprising. From velvety soft silk looks and bouclé fabrics to sophisticated linen effects. The hand-painted scenes of the "Panoramiques" are artistic gems and always consist of several panels that together form one panoramic whole. "Décors" are lavish images that make a statement on the wall. These eye-catchers are available by the linear metre, easy to use in any room.

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Les Tricots Detail


Les Tricots takes its inspiration from the haute couture fashion world with a clear nod to rich fabrics and specific textile techniques. It creates the illusion of real textile thanks to the combination of unique printing techniques and the use of velvety soft yarns. The majority of these designs are modest and are very widely applicable to add structure to the wall in addition to colour. The pattern with a chintz look is an outsider that stands out for its shine and playful chalk lines in an explosive colour palette.

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Yala Detail


Experience the tropical beauty of nature in this tingling collection. A mix of botanical patterns and jungle scenes alternate. This relief wallcovering creates a subtle yet cuddly, three-dimensional effect thanks to the use of soft chenille and bouclé fabrics. The playful, tactile designs surprise but at the same time bring peace to the wall as one colour always gets all the attention.

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Cameo Detail


Discover and appreciate the power of flaws and imperfection. The transience of life and the pure quality of nature bring us back to the essence: authenticity and simplicity. The asymmetry and diverse shapes and structures providing an unexpected harmony. The materials used in all their roughness and purity come into their own and receive full attention.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric