Humans have an innate attraction and biological connection to nature. Reduce stress and improve health and mood, giving a feeling of well-being by incorporating the earthen elements inspired designs and colorways within the Contours Collection.

Embrace the imperfect perfection that exists in nature with designs influenced by Earth’s natural architecture. Explore an abstract botanical interpretation of a lush tropical oasis, a design with repeating arches reminiscent of natural and man-made archways, a soft vertical wood texture with subtle indications of cascades and grains, and an opulent parquet wood design revealing character and dimension. This collection is grounded in contours and balanced out with organic, textural coordinates.



Arco is a design that's creation started by repeating hand-drawn lines. The pattern evolved to what it is today and is enhanced by a horizontal raw silk background.​ Arco’s colors are usable neutrals with names representing landmarks and places where you will find natural arches, land bridges, and monuments. Hana, Wales, Ètretat, and Malta draw their colors from the ocean and coastal cliffs. Rome, Moab, and Cabo are inspired by stone, earth, and rock. Finally, Syndey's gray hues are inspired by the metal and steel found in some of the world's most iconic bridges.

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Costa puts a stylized, modern twist on a tropical leaf design using sophisticated colors that pair well with the sleek linear lines of the Galerie textured background. The hand-drawn quality of the leaves gives the pattern a casual elegance similar to the tropical location from the pattern’s namesake, Costa Rica. ​The colors of Costa are named after birds that are native to the region.

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Hillside is a pattern created by contoured silhouettes. The rise and fall of the horizontal lines create the soft curves of a landscape or the calming waves of water. It's sleek linear companion Galerie in the background elevates the simple modern form.​ Hillside’s color line includes soothing neutrals and midtones, while diving deeper with its rich gold, cool blue, and lavish green, all inspired by many of the marvelous sights across the country.

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Majestic is a large-scale, parquet style, geometric wood design. Each section of wood runs in a different direction creating a large diamond design that adds depth and interest with knots, sap, color variations, cathedrals, and woodgrain techniques. Each shade of wood within Majestic has subtle variations of tones making each colorway multifaceted. Majestic’s companion, White Creek, coordinates beautifully together on both wall and ceiling applications.

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White Creek is a soft, vertical, woodgrain texture that has subtle indications of cascades and graining within the design. ​White Creek takes advantage of our rotogravure printing technique by showcasing a variety of hues within each colorway, keeping them subdued but interesting, and controlling the amount of grain in the design, not too much or too little.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric