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For more than two decades, Koroseal has been collaborating and co-creating with world-renowned designers to create wallcoverings that are fashion-forward and globally inspired. We are thrilled to announce the latest chapter in our designer program featuring a new collaboration between Stacy Garcia | New York and Koroseal Interior Products.
Indulge in a collection of wallcoverings which embodies the energy, buildings, and people of the city and draws inspiration from the scenes that fill its streets. With expressively graphic brushstrokes, materials influenced by fashion, and textures derived from the beautiful brownstones that connect the city grid, each pattern within the offering emphasizes the magic amidst the madness in a city brimming with opportunity.



Warm, yet modern, structured yet elegant, Empire features a dynamic, textural, wood starburst motif. Empire was created with balance and bravado, as an ode to the iconic Art Deco architecture that adorns the New York City skyline. Many of these remarkable monuments are seen as a paragon of the Art Deco movement and tell the story of a long past era of glamour and artistry. Echoing the way the 20’s offered elegance, refinement and excitement, Empire embodies the city's architectural past.

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A straight grain textural pattern reminiscent of wooden planks, Coney is a tribute to the renowned Coney Island Boardwalk, New York’s playful getaway. This woodgrain textured wallcovering was created to bring a piece of nature back into the NY metropolis. It’s an alleviation from the steel and glass that’s seen throughout the city. Its soft pattern gives a meditative quality every busy individual is searching for. In an assortment of soothing cool and neutral hues, Coney is our ode to the grounding effects of the great outdoors we all seek out occasionally. The elegant nature of this design makes it our most versatile wallcovering, perfect for any room setting.

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The liveliness of the city melds with mother nature as you peruse through the lush flora and fauna of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Esplanade is a beautiful, stylized vision of flower petals as they drift within the wind. Fueled by this inspiration, we've developed an alluring wallcovering that encompasses the inevitable blurred boundaries between urban cityscapes and nature.

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A metropolis filled with history and innovation, we highlight the continuous harmony of the raw materials of the past with industrial elements of the future. Highrise unifies traditional textures with the ever-changing silhouettes of a cityscape, creating a wallcovering that's as adaptable and versatile as it's city of influence. Highrise merges organic elements with geometric patterning, encompassing the evolution of the city grid from strong standing brownstones to the revolutionary skyscrapers of today.

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Take a stroll through the Upper West Side where the streets are lined with the reputable Brownstones of years past. Strong and resilient, the eponymous sandstone that these homes are comprised of act as the influence for this design. Cityscape is a beautifully weathered patinaed texture that mimics the movement and natural color variation of these aged and recognizable buildings, making for a wallcovering that is organic yet refined.

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A large intersection narrows to a small sidewalk, both filled to the brim with individuals in transit to their next destination. Minetta is a distinctively unique pattern which graphically represents the ebb and flow of foot traffic in the city. The organic synchronicity that occurs naturally serves as the inspiration behind this conceptual design, making it the perfect conversational wallcovering.

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Lush fabric rolls engulf a busy work room as they await their fate to be transformed into to runway stunners. Market Street is rooted in the rise of one of the world's largest fashion capitals, paying close attention to the exquisite details of couture collections comprised of the finest cloths. Weaving a story from the runway to the walls, we captured the essence and nuances of a beautifully woven fabric into a dignified and versatile wallcovering.

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Humans with an artistic edge yearn for a creative outlet and in urban areas artists take to the streets to express their visions. Brushwick pays homage to the ever-evolving and extraordinary worldwide artist collective in Brooklyn. Inspired by a neighborhood teeming with inspiration, we translated the sweeping brushstrokes and textural elements of paint applied to urban walls to create an expressive and striking statement wallcovering.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric