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Sondra Alexander

In her converted Victorian home in San Francisco, California, Sondra Alexander, the internationally acclaimed designer of wallcoverings, created handmade masterpieces in paper and fabric. Reviving the centuries-old art form of handcrafted wallpaper, Sondra’s original and distinctive contemporary designs grace the walls of prestigious establishments throughout the country and abroad.

Sondra’s innate, artistic gifts manifested at an early age out of her love for fashion and design. Born in New York City, America’s fashion mecca, she frequented Fifth Avenue, with Vogue magazine in tow, in search of great design ideas. By 1965, Sondra had moved to Florida and had created her own unique and sophisticated line of hand-painted clothing, which she called Immagini. Recognized as a pioneer on the cutting edge of fashion, upscale boutiques across the country began carrying Immagini.

However, this imaginative and creative free spirit was just beginning. Acutely attuned to the texture, color, and design inherent in nature and architecture, Sondra soon began to look for other mediums of expression. During her travels abroad, she became enamored with the timeworn façade of ancient buildings. The rich patinas, dimensional textures, and weathered colors peaking through peeling surfaces inspired her to revive the lost art of handmade wallpaper, the ideal medium in which to express her full range of interests, talents, and unique vision.

In 1982, during a resurgence in the home furnishing industry, Sondra moved to San Francisco and converted part of her lovely Victorian home into a studio, where she began producing the Sondra Alexander Collection of fine wallpapers and fabrics. Then, in 1989, Sondra bought Yangki wallcoverings, and successfully merged the two lines.

Working on tables sixty feet in length, making repeated applications of color and texture from materials such as stone, sand, metal, and plaster, Sondra created designs infused with both tactile and artistic qualities. With intense depth of color, texture, and luminosity, Sondra’s distinct architectural style imparts a sense of life and breath plucked from an ancient world imbued with a reverence for nature. 



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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric