Add Arbor Wood Veneer wallcoverings to your next surface-scape. Arbor is a popular choice for any high-quality interior with over 100 species of wood, colors, and cuts. As a pre-finished AA architectural-grade veneer, Arbor is as easy to install as any wallcovering at a substantial cost savings compared to traditional millwork.


Arbor Wood Wallcoverings



  • Prefinished and ready to install. No staining or finishing required on the jobsite.
  • AA architectural-grade veneer.
  • Ease of installation; installs like contract wallcoverings.
  • Manufactured to provide stability for minimal expansion and contraction caused by seasonal humidity.
  • Efficient veneer processes offer exceptional yields. Fewer hardwood resources are required compared to solid millwork.
  • ULTRA finish available for increased durability and abrasion resistance for high-traffic areas.
  • Multiple face matching options available.
  • Custom capabilities include: digital printing, stains, inlays, sizes, cross graining, end-matching, ceruse/white wash effects, planking, and ULTRA finish for durability and abrasion resistance in high-traffic areas.

Environmentally Responsible:

  • Trees selected for maximum yield, highest quality, and minimum impact
  • Patented slicing process increases log yield by approximately 300%
  • Contains no added urea formaldehydes
  • Meets California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350 as low-emitting wallcoverings
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Select wallcoverings are FSC and Responsible Forestry Certified

Fire Rating:

  • ASTM E84: (Flame Spread: 10 / Smoke Developed: 25)
  • NFPA Corner Burn Test: Meets requirements for flamespread, smoke developed, and flashover
  • Class A Fire-Rated: Standard and Ultra Finish Products


  • Standard: 2 coat urethane finish with 30% sheen
  • Ultra 30: 3 coat urethane finish with 30% sheen (used in high-traffic areas)
  • Ultra 70: 3 coat urethane finish with 70% sheen (used in high-traffic areas)


  • 3'x9' and 3'x10' standard sheets
  • Custom sizes available. Inquire with your local Koroseal sales representative

Arbor Wood Wallcoverings are subject to availability.


Arbor selects tree species that provide a maximum yield of the highest-quality veneer with minimum environmental impact. With Arbor’s patented process for slicing incredibly thin veneer, each log’s yield increases by approximately 300%. The same volume of veneer that once came from three trees now requires only one.

Safe to your environment:

  • Contains no added urea formaldahydes
  • Meets California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350 as low-emitting wallcoverings
  • Class A Fire Rated

A selection of Arbor Wood Wallcoverings are FSC and Responsible Forestry Certified to meet your environmental standards.


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