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Reatec Architectural Film

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Refresh your space with REATEC flexible, decorative, architectural film. REATEC is a great solution for resurfacing doors, columns, elevator cabs, and more with finishes such as wood, metal, stone, and leather. With over 800 patterns available, REATEC is the perfect substitute or complement to existing building materials and can be used to modernize surfaces at a very reasonable price.

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renovate. resurface. reuse. renew.

  • Flexible, decorative architectural film that can be used in a variey of applications
  • Available in over 800 designs - providing an endless range of possibilities in woods, metals, stones, and more
  • Provides a fresh new look for any space
  • Great solution for renovation projects - especially for resurfacing doors, columns, and more
  • Reatec has been around for 30 years in Japan, being expertly produced and perfected

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  • Lightweight with high durability
  • Can be applied in both interior and exterior locations
  • Repairable by only needing to patch damaged areas, or Reatec over Reatec, up to 3 layers
  • Stain and solvent resistant
  • Detailed, realistic designs are produced through a proprietary calendaring process - not photographic
  • Unique pressure sensitive adhesive backing - the longer it's on, the stronger it's adhesion to the surface becomes
  • Fire Ratings: Class A, and UL 10B and 10C certified (Fire Doors and Assemblies)
  • Meets California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350
  • Can resurface curves, corners, and three-dimensional surfaces


  • Cost Savings
    • No need to "demo and replace", with Reatec you can "adapt and reuse"
    • Get the same look of wood, metal, stone, leather, and more for a fraction of the price
  • Time Savings
    • Can be applied onsite with minimal disruption or down-time - no noise, odor, or debris - thus decreasing the potential for lost revenue
  • Sustainability
    • Helps minimize the amount of waste and construction debris from entering the nation's landfills
    • Eliminates the need to manufacture and distribute new products while reducing the carbon footprint


From design and development to manufacturing, Reatec's beautiful looks and textures are a result of multiple layers. The innovative manufacturing process creates the highest quality product with amazing pattern detail.



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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric