Artisans throughout the world have passed down the intricacies of their craft from generation to generation. Koroseal’s Relic Collection is a snapshot of these time-honored techniques and pays homage to the fine craftmanship and attention to detail that continue to be part of society’s cultural fabric.

The designs in this collection celebrate the artistic cultures from around the world as they are inspired by techniques of sculptors, weavers, and fine artists. Explore intricate details and dimensional textures, weaves with depth and beauty, abstract lines representing connectivity, prints inspired by coveted tie-dying methods, and authentic color palettes influenced by plants and minerals.



Chisel, a sculptural, modern design takes shape in the tile like geometry of repeating organic form. It comes to us from the true influence of the European Masters expression of craft. Each shape contains a unique curved segmentation with a textural softening of the tile's depth and line. The color resembles the natural tones of being sculpted in stone like alabaster and limestone. The hues represent those of the architectural surroundings of the design's European origin.

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Bengal is a chunky weave created by the depth of the emboss and enhanced by a cross woven print. The color palette is spun from the origins of the yarns in silky whites, soft muted pastels, and moody contemporary dark tones. Enjoy the true neutral tones of this handloom inspired pattern from the threads of a cultural heritage.

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Mudmee is a modern version of a medium-scale, geometric pattern in the form of tie-dye shapes. It can also be seen as a present-day interpretation of a damask. Mudmee’s colors are inspired by hues crafted through natural dying techniques using plants and minerals to tint the substrate. The colors incorporate these ancient techniques to create a beautiful, natural story. They range from whites and creams, like Cottonwood and Sea Salt, soft metals in warm and cool neutrals, as shown in Moonstone and Mountain Alder, and calming shades of blues and greens, as used in Nettle and Lapis. The Mudmee design has a perfect companion pattern called Enigma, a beautiful overall fibrous texture.

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Niwa translated from Japanese, meaning "garden" has a softened modern appeal. Created by the crossing repetitions of lines representing connectivity and a sanded surface texture this design emulates a dry garden. The design elements encompass the meditative art forms of the culture. The color line speaks to the shades within the garden design. Bonsai, Pagoda, and Stone speak to the foundation of the garden while Boxwood, Japanese Maple, and Water Basin are influenced by the shades of the living form and flow within the balance of the natural form.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric