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Panel Types & Surface Options

Surface Types



By selecting one of our 100% polyester acoustically transparent fabrics, you can enhance both the acoustic performance and the visual appeal of your space, ensuring a balanced and pleasing environment. . 


Koroseal Wallcovering

Our wallcovering offerings can be acoustically perforated for use on Koroseal Acoustical Solutions. Choose one of our market-driven designs from our latest wallcovering collections for your acoustical project.


Arbor Wood Wallcoverings

Experience the warmth and beauty of real wood in a unique acoustical application with beautiful wood veneer wallcoverings. When used to surface Sound Designs panels, the precision perforated wallcoverings provide a high level of acoustical performance.


Digital Lab

Bring your graphic elements and vision to life by combining the performance of a well-crafted acoustical treatment with a digitally printed graphic of your choice on vinyl wallcovering or celtic cloth.


Acoustically transparent paint can be matched to any Pantone, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color with a semi-matte finish and applied to our Textured Performance Series panels.

Korogard Wall Protection

Acoustical panels wrapped in Korogard are extremely durable, perforated to be acoustically transparent, and available in standard colors.

Panel Types

Performance Series

Performance Series panels are the most affordable option and are used when impact resistance is not a concern. Ideal for use 8' above finished floor.

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Performance Plus Series

Performance Plus Series panels are tackable panels with medium-impact resistance. These panels are designed for the daily rigors of a busy commercials space. Ideal for medium-traffic areas such as hallways and office spaces.

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Impact Performance Series

Impact Performance Series panel's basis consists of a Korogard sheet and a medium-dark colored fabric can be added for aesthetic appeal. These panels are used in high-traffic areas when impact is a concern. Ideal for multi-purpose rooms, gyms, and industrial facilities.

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Texture Performance Series

Texture Performance Series panels are made with acoustically transparent paint, fabricated to match specific colors. These panels are used when acoustical panels need to blend into the surroundings. Ideal for ceiling applications and 8' above finished floors.

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EQoustics™ Series

EQoustics panels contribute to LEED and meet California's Indoor Air Quality Specifications Section 01350 when tested with Guilford of Maine's FR701 series. Ideal for 8' above finished floors without facer. EQoustics Plus adds facer used in medium-traffic areas such as hallways and offices.

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ACOUSTICS-PANELS-(2).pngSound Design Dimensions

Create with dimensional elements that enhance the acoustics and ambiance of a space. These 3-D shapes can be configured to build some very unique options for any project. 

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Comfort Zone Baffle

Comfort Zone Acoustic Baffles offer effective sound absorption solutions, particularly suited for large spaces like gymnasiums and lobbies. Suspended from the ceiling, these baffles target areas where sound tends to linger, as there are typically no structures at that height to absorb or diffuse sound waves.

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Comfort Zone Clouds

Comfort Zone Clouds are designed to enhance sound absorption and improve acoustics in any space. Whether covering the entire ceiling or strategically positioned for targeted sound control, these clouds offer versatility. Unlike traditional solid or drop ceiling tiles, Comfort Zone Clouds feature stylish lines and designs, adding unique visual appeal to any ceiling. Suspended from above, they can be arranged evenly or clustered to suit the specific requirements of each space.

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ACOUSTICS-PANELS-(2).pngComfort Zone PET Felt

PET Felt acoustic panels add color and style to any space while absorbing extra noise. PET Felt panels are manufactured using recycled PET plastic bottles, eco-friendly dyes and no added adhesive, resulting in a Green Tag-certified product that can help qualify for LEED green building credits. 

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric