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Why Choose Type II?

No matter the environment, approaching the design of a new space, or the update of an existing one, comes with so many considerations. What is the purpose? Feel? Lighting? Design aesthetic? When you are answering these questions for hightraffic interiors, beauty intersects with practicality. It’s important to maintain your vision while also planning for wear and tear at the same time. That’s where Koroseal commercial wallpaper comes in.

Why Use Commercial Wallcoverings?

With every project comes a budget and a timeline, and right out of the gate, we know paint is appealing. Inexpensive and generally easy to apply, paint is a quick way to add to or refresh a room. That being said, it’s a fragile option for medium- to high-traffic areas. It can be easily worn down, peeled off, or gouged by chairs, carts, and hands, quickly leaving your space looking tired and putting it back on your to-do list. Commercial wallcoverings offer superior durability, protection, and ability to clean and disinfect, as well as a wide range of color and design options that can add the look and feel you need to achieve.

Weight Options and Considerations

Commercial vinyl wallcoverings are available with various levels of thickness and durability. The ratings are assigned by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and are named “Type I,” “Type II,” and “Type III.” Each level is also tested to meet a requirements list that includes washability, scrub-ability, abrasion resistance, and tear resistance. Generally, the expectations grow with the level, the exception being equal flame spread and smoke development with Types I and II.

As with federal requirements, the weight increases with the number. Type I generally weighs between 12 and 19 ounces per linear yard and is meant for low-traffic areas, like ceilings or office meeting rooms. These areas are used, but the walls are rarely or lightly touched. Type II falls in the 20 to 28 ounces per linear yard range. This step up in durability is more useful in hallways and lobbies, where the bangs, brushes, and scrapes are more frequent and stand to cause greater possible damage. Finally, Type III weighs over 33 ounces per linear yard, requiring a heavier, clay-based adhesive to apply, and is often used at lower heights in hospital and school halls where wheelchairs, dolleys, and other unforgiving, moveable items might come into contact with the walls.

The All-Around Winner

Our recommendation for medium-to-low traffic areas is Type II. Defining the amount of traffic a setting is likely to have can be subjective, outside of the obvious high-wear, hospital hall example. Most environments won’t need protection that substantial. When debating between I and II, it’s better to be safe than sorry. The upfront cost is higher with II, but the long-term value is greater. With a life expectancy of 10-15 years, it simply wears better for longer, ensuring that your space remains fresh and able to bounce back from daily life.

Duty Doesn’t Mean You Scrap Beauty

Your vision is one of welcome, rest, respite, and can even be daring. When you are looking to elevate a space, terms like “commercial wallpaper” and “commercial wallcovering” are a bit deflating. Residential wallpaper is too delicate for truly busy use, but it can be fun, pretty, or striking, and those aren’t design choices you should forego. With Koroseal, you don’t have to. Type II products are the perfect combination of beauty and performance, and we have hundreds of designs, thousands of colors, and a wide range of textures from which to choose. From simple colors to bold graphics created by you, Koroseal Interior Products can help you achieve your design vision.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric