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Navigating the Designer Wallcoverings Process

Wallcoverings are experiencing a resurgence in popularity, thanks to dramatic designs, the enthusiasm found on social media, and updated adhesives that have reformed its reputation for being difficult to remove. If it hasn’t been heavy in your repertoire to date, here are some things to consider.

Why Wallcovering?

Paint is easily obtained and, at least initially, less expensive, but there are two reasons in particular to really think about using designer wallcoverings in your plan. Overall, wallcovering lasts longer and it cannot be matched in options.

The durability of wallcovering cannot be matched by paint. Particularly if your space is medium to high traffic, a vinyl wallcovering is the better bet. When you choose the right material, it can last 15-20 years. Paint is likely to scuff, scratch, or fade, needing reapplication far sooner.

While paint has a plethora of colors, there is an explosion of patterns and textures with wallcoverings that can match any feeling you want to achieve. From black and white geometrics to dramatic murals or romantic chinoiseries, there is an option to match your inspiration.

Know Your Vision

When it comes to choosing a wallcovering, selecting a pattern may be the fun part, but be sure to pay attention to the material, any special application needs, the width of the roll, and size of the pattern repeat. This is not only useful information for your installer to know, it will allow you to stay informed so you have a better chance of ensuring your choice is correct for your space and that it is applied properly.

Deciding what room it will be in and on which walls - or ceiling - is important, but also think about custom details you may want, such as covering electrical plates or the backs of bookshelves. In order to get an accurate estimate, you will need to communicate as clear a picture as possible to your installer.

Trustworthy Designer Wallcovering Installers

There are numerous benefits to a long-standing relationship with an experienced, go-to wallcovering installer, beyond knowing how much to order and how long a job will take. Many will have seen the ins and outs of various applications and have broad knowledge to inform any project. Early in the process, this person can assist with any questions that arise as far as material usage and can potentially help catch any issues that might cause trouble further into the design. This advice can be invaluable to reinforce with a client that a desired wallcovering may not be the right fit for a room, for example, given how some materials wear, or to bring attention to peculiarities such as color variation so they know what to expect from the final product.

As the installation progresses, a professional wallcovering hanger will understand how to balance the layout of a pattern for the best possible results in a room and be prepared for any special handling techniques or layout adjustments that may come up. He or she will also have all the tools needed to complete the job seamlessly, from prepping the wall to getting up to the highest heights, as well as knowing the best methods to apply materials around things that are built in or oddly shaped or sized, ensuring that the patterns match and there are no gaps or peeling at the seams. Ultimately, the right installer is a partner in the application process and works to provide the best service, making the client happy and protecting both your reputation and their own.

Having Your Designer Wallcovering Applied

The process of applying wallcoverings isn’t instantaneous. Your walls will need to be prepared and the materials ordered. Additionally, be aware that odd angles, needed wall repairs, and even the weather where you live can affect the appropriateness of your chosen wallcovering.

In most rooms, there will be one corner of the room where the pattern won’t line up, making it important to choose the least visible option. Wall texture might need to be removed, and going around doors, windows, and cabinets might slow the process. Prior planning to account for the specifics of the space and appropriate preparation of the walls before application will ensure results that last for years.

Koroseal wallcoverings are a wonderful way to add drama, whimsy, or sophistication to your space. With multiple materials to choose from and seemingly limitless choices for pattern and texture, we can help you find the right detail to complete your design vision.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric