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Have you ever wondered where our team of design experts start when putting together the story that will drive our product launches? It begins with research in the form of trade shows, professional subscriptions like Colour Hive, fashion trends, design share events with other partners in the commercial industry, customer feedback, requests from our sales team in the field, and more. As a team, we share, collaborate, and keep our minds open to the inspiration surrounding us.

Our team needs to hear, feel, and follow a path of discovery to all the universes and what it must tell. The connectivity to our closest environment and exposure to news across the globe both influence and predict what might influence design next. This interconnectivity and evolution towards the future highlight our innate need to protect and explore the future as we TRANSCEND BOUNDARIES.

Our team collaborates early in the year to define the main drivers for the design and color story we want to tell in our product launches for the following year. For 2024, our team formed a connection with the following three main drivers:

1. Climate Change Concerns:

Our need to protect and preserve our environmental future is the first key driver. Eco-anxiety is a challenging emotional response to the climate and environmental issues that are especially affecting the younger generations' outlook on the future. The fear of the unknown and the mental toll it can take can be calmed with a connection to the influence of nature and its elements.

2. AI and innovation:

The rapid growth of technology can be frightening and inspiring as to how it can influence the future. While there is a desire to experience what the metaverse can offer, there is also a need to have a reprieve from constant stimulation. This brings with it a healthy sentimental connection to past generations and a healing labor to once again connect to natural elements and create with our hands.

3. Economic Change and Mental Health:

Challenged by the adjustment of change, rapid inflation, growing humanitarian need influenced by conflict and violence and the legacy of the pandemic are all drivers within this category. The interconnectivity between the care of our mind and its influence on our body will keep wellness with ties to the natural world in the spotlight. It will continue to transcend the boundaries between home, work, and recreation as we move forward into that connection to the healing powers of the elements in our four stories.


Our world consists of undeniable interconnectivity. The earth, water, plants, and air are all natural drivers of our surroundings, and as they evolve, so do we. The innate forces of gravity not only keep us grounded but also pull us towards the new. This ever-arching push and pull relies on both balance and evolution.

Today, we struggle between the competing needs of advancement, AI, and innovation; and our desire to protect our climate and preserve Mother Nature. Eco-anxiety and the fear of the unknown can be calmed by the physical and mental benefits of connecting with our natural elements.

The 2024 Trend Forecast connects elements we interact with every day to transcend boundaries, using inspiration from the earth to transform spaces and help cultivate a feeling of intention that we can feel good about. With growth comes beauty, progress, deeper connections, and ingenuity inspired by the forces and natural beauty surrounding us. Unleash a new way forward with:

Transcend the Boundaries of inspiration in design and color with Koroseal’s 2024 trend stories:

DEEP DIVE (Water and Reflection)
UNEARTH (Land and Dirt)
THRIVE (Nature and Plants)
RADIATE (Air and Space)
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Submerge into a new oasis of discovery. Without restraints, design can flow freely, shifting, transforming, and adjusting; just as we observe in the natural flow of the earth’s water.

From the depth of the oceans to the ripples of falling raindrops, we are reminded of the continuous flow of life, and how water is a force of our ever-adapting world. We cannot grow or survive without it. Water and its healing properties are an essential element we seek to preserve and protect.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic waves of change, and the circular currents of energy around us. The art of human reflection allows us to open ourselves up to new possibilities. By embracing mystery and flexibility, you will see your space take shape in new and enlightening ways.


Centered around the harmonious interplay of blues and greens, this palette draws inspiration from the seamless connection between these calming hues found in various water tones. Evoking the tranquil yet invigorating ambiance reflected in the vastness of the sea, these colors offer a soothing antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Several of our selected colors coincide with predictions made by fellow designers, giving us confirmation that we are seeing colors going in the same direction as other industries. Pantone 124108 is like Sherwin Williams Color of the Year called Upward.

Browse these products and request free samples HERE.


Unearth new designs rooted in our connection to the land we stand on. A minimalistic approach can be elevated to primitive beauty when we use inspiration from the dirt beneath us.

Rustic, earthly tones; touchable textures; and handmade, multigenerational artifacts pay homage to our ancestry. Unearth embodies the learnings of those that have come before us, and features organic and stoic elements like clay and rocks. Utilizing these materials establishes unyielding strength and stability amidst perpetual change.

The influence of humanity on our natural landscapes is evident, shifting the land and earth as we evolve. Yet, among our human advancements, we are able to cast light on raw, primal beauty, and elements that could otherwise easily be forgotten. We can savor, celebrate, and protect the history our earth holds.


In this thoughtfully curated palette, earth-inspired colors are carefully chosen to evoke a sense of tranquility and introspection. The yearning to preserve the serenity of the past is mirrored in the selection of antique elements. Surrounding ourselves with nurturing details akin to comfort food for the soul, the palette features dusty, deep tones enveloping a cocoon of warm and comforting staples. These grounded earth tones have a dual effect, both calming and energizing, prompting a fresh shift of focus. As we integrate these colors into our daily lives, we feel the timeless embrace of nostalgia. Everyday rituals take on new importance, elevated to iconic status in our quest for a deeper connection to the past. Notice how similar our Pantone selection of 16-1429 is to HGTV’s Color of the Year, Persimmon.

Browse these products and request free samples HERE.


Inspiring and purposeful, Thrive celebrates design that is derived from Mother Nature. Unique collections are harvested from the mindset that we can learn from the evolution of our natural surroundings.

The Earth’s plantscape is not only majestic, it is an ever present reminder of resilience and growth. Bees and butterflies nourish flower to flower, while simultaneously pollinating the next chapter of beauty. From small acorns to towering trees, we witness nature’s longevity firsthand. We also yearn to protect it.

By preserving and honoring the elements, we continue to advance and ignite the cycle of life. Protect the holistic and healing benefits of nature and create with purpose, through the use of conscientious product innovations and naturally inspired designs.


As the color trend veers away from cooler grays, it's not only green that takes center stage among earth tones. While green maintains its stylish status and serves as a neutral foundation, warm shades inspired by nature will reach their pinnacle in 2024, shaping a more earthy and grounded color palette. These hues harmoniously complement the outdoor landscape visible beyond the windows, creating a seamless connection between indoor spaces and the natural world.

Browse these products and request free samples HERE.


The elements of air and space themselves inherently connect us to the stars, higher virtues, and unwavering possibility. Designs that deepen our connections to others elicit an ambiance filled with a new sense of optimism, hope, and light.

Radiate balances technology interwoven into everyday life with simple, clean, and refreshing compositions. The space above us houses the air we breathe, and also the global connectivity we have come to rely on.

The almost unlimited potential of AI and its future effects can be overbearing, but when the right amount of innovation is leveraged for intentional, meaningful benefits; it can also elevate our human connections. Airy tones and celestial details can invigorate a space and provide reprieve when technology gets overused.


Anticipate the emergence of muted, softer shades of purples and tinted neutrals as seen in the Radiate trend this year. These hues, serving as pleasant companions to blues and greens, bring a touch of simplicity and color depth to any space. Inspired by celestial elements and technology—visible yet beyond our reach—these colors exude optimism and light.

The inclusion of a deep charcoal within the palette makes a confident statement, harmonizing well with the overall theme. Notably, this deep charcoal and dusty blue-green combination has also earned recognition as a 2024 Color of the Year selection in other industries. Pantone 19-3912 (deep charcoal color at the bottom of the palette) is like Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year Cracked Pepper , a top seller for the company in their designer collection. And Pantone 14-4506 is our version of Valspar’s Color of the Year, Renew Blue, while not to forget the violet tones, like Benjamin Moore’s Hazy Lilac, radiate within our color story too.

Browse these products and request free samples HERE.

Our design team is thrilled to share this 2024 Trend Forecast with you. The research and brainstorming for our 2025 Trend Forecast will begin in early 2024. We look forward to the fresh ideas they inspire!

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
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Pattern Style: Geometric