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Redefine Design by Koroseal


Meet the Creator: Sarah Rowland


Sarah Rowland is a notable designer, known for her unique and beautiful textile creations. You may recognize her work from Koroseal’s 2022 wallcovering patterns, which were nominated by Interior Design Magazine for best in Contract Wallcoverings, or from Koroseal’s latest Digital Wallcovering patterns released this year!


Sarah’s adventurous and culturally rich experiences have inspired her work, creating extraordinary designs across industries, from hospitality to residential spaces.

Sarah's Design Journey

From the beginning, Sarah’s life has been full of adventures. Sarah was born a triplet to two brothers, and part of a large energetic family, with encouraging parents. Even at a young age, Sarah found herself inspired by the arts. Her mother was a strong creative influence, always painting, working in the garden, or making hand-sewn stuffed animals. As a child, her mother had applauded Sarah’s keen sense of color and from then on, Sarah was hooked on creating.


Throughout her childhood, Sarah attended school across Europe, traveling to multiple cities. Sarah then studied abroad in Columbia. From there, she spent six months in Outward Bound, an outdoor education program that allows young people to explore their personal potential through experiences. Her time in the program allowed her to explore the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains and deepen her already inherent love of nature.


Sarah always knew art was her passion. Wallpaper, artwork, typography, music, fashion - you name it - Sarah was amazed that something you could look at, touch, or hear could evoke feelings in others. Sarah ’s passion for design flourished during her four years at VCU in the renowned graphic design department under her mentor, Phil Megs. With Sarah’s dedication and hard work, she grew as a designer. As she progressed, Sarah began to develop her own style, and a new-found confidence.


Not surprisingly, her travels did not stop after college. Sarah interned in New York City, and completed a year of work in Tokyo. Today, Sarah lives in Richmond, Virginia, raising her three daughters and continuing her artistry.

Naturally Inspired

Nature truly is Sarah’s guide, mentor, and muse. With nature leading the way, Sarah fuses together inspiration from art, color, music, and even fashion, to create transformative hand- drawn patterns.


“Mother Nature gives me so many design ideas. She really is the best designer and colorist out there. She also happens to be very generous with her advice!”


To help fuel her creativity, Sarah enjoys walking in the woods and immersing herself in nature. From the organic color combinations, to the innate details, her love for the beauty that surrounds us supports her unwavering love for design. By keeping her eyes and heart open, she is naturally inspired everyday.


Behind the Design with Sarah

We had a chance to connect with Sarah to learn more about her unique approach to design. See what she had to say!

How has your design style evolved over the course of your career?

Sarah: I started my career as a graphic designer and everything had to be quite precise, legible, and orderly within reason. I loved the parameters of graphic design, but I also wanted more. I wanted to design more freely, on a larger scale - design something that would be more long- lasting. I then discovered that I wanted to design wallpaper!

Can you delve into a design trend or technique that you are particularly fond of, and explain why it resonates with you?

Sarah: Biophilic design with a healthy dash of fantastic maximalist expression!

I love a space that tells a story about who lives or works there. I want to see personality. I want to see an elegant gold leaf mirror paired with a bold piece of modern art. I want to be part of a space that has an authentic, well-lived feel with life and contrasts. Combine this look with elements of nature, and I feel energized and calm. I always felt the look of almost nonexistent color and harsh white had a feeling of non-commitment to the space. Bring on the patterns, the color, the textures, the wallpaper, the soul, the point of view of the space... but all with a refined touch of restraint!

How do you approach the balance between creativity and functionality in your designs?

Sarah: Form follows function, right? Sometimes I like it when function follows form, but of course this is a business after all. I try to design with a mood in mind and most of the moods that I am comfortable with are positive. So, I try to design patterns that will affect people in a positive way whether they feel it or not. This is my sincere intention in every pattern I design.

Feeling Inspired? Check out Sarah’s latest designs with Koroseal!

View NEW Digital Wallcoverings inspired by Sarah.

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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric