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If you can imagine it, Walltalkers dry-erase surfaces are the simplest way to express it. In a classroom, a conference room, a workplace, an athletic facility, around a column, or wherever else you can imagine it, Walltalkers makes it OK to express yourself. 


High Quality

Walltalkers products are made with the highest-quality materials and use a meticulous lamination process to ensure 100% uniform coverage of the vinyl substrate.

The key to this process is laminating with our high-performance dry-erase film, which creates a surface that is exceptionally resistant to stains, impervious to solvents, and measurably more durable than inexpensive coatings and paints. That means no thin spots or "pin-holes" on the surface to let ink, stains, and solvents penetrate and discolor.

Superior Durability

Our insistence on quality materials and processes results in a product that looks better and lasts longer for you. Walltalkers uses only the highest-quality materials to ensure our surfaces maintain their flexibility and performance without cracking, chipping, peeling or deteriorating, even under daily use.

Easy Maintenance

All it takes is simple care to preserve and protect the beauty and performance of a Walltalkers surface. Typical dirt and stains can be removed by simply wiping with a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or cleaner. Tougher stains can be tackled with more powerful cleaners. Unlike other wallcoverings, Walltalkers products are impervious to most chemical solvents that can break down, discolor, and even deteriorate surfaces.

Walltalkers recommends specific markers for optimum performance, and marking can be left on the surface for as long as needed. Removal is always easy and complete because our products are exceptionally stain-resistant. They won’t discolor even if they come in contact with things like permanent markers, crayons, coffee, lipstick, ketchup – even wine.

Simple Installation

Walltalkers collaboration surfaces come in flexible rolls and install like most commercial wallcoverings. Simple instructions guide installers through the process of applying Walltalkers products to a clean, smooth, sealed surface.

Horizontal seams are recommended when installing Walltalkers. For virtually invisible seams and 100% useable presentation surfaces floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, we recommend double-cutting all seams and railroading the vinyl (see diagram) to ensure color matching.

seam diagram

PRIOR TO USING all Walltalkers products should be washed with an ammonia or alcohol-based cleaner or mild soap and rinsed thoroughly with water.

10-Year Warranty

Walltalkers wallcoverings are warranted for 10 YEARS not to crack, chip, check, or peel, to resist staining and yellowing, and to show no appreciable fade when used with the appropriate dry erase markers and properly cleaned and maintained.

Low Emissions

Most Walltalkers products meet the California Indoor Air Quality Specification 01350.


Collaboration is the way work happens today, and it’s how work is shared with others, too.

This vision can come to life anywhere from classrooms to conference rooms, from offices and locker rooms to hospitals, retail spaces, and think-tanks. Walltalkers products are flexible and adapt to their environments, allowing easy interaction in beautiful, custom interiors. They provide the canvas, sketchpad, and drawing board to allow creative ideas to come to life.




Athletic facilities

Learning and conference centers

Think-tanks, start-ups, and agencies




Wall-to-wall. Floor-to-ceiling. Framed or unframed. Overlapping functions. Walltalkers enhance any interior environment, with the choice of design expression entirely yours. If you aren’t sure of all the ways you can install Walltalkers, collaborate with your sales representative to find the perfect solution. 

flexible installation


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Pattern #: LUZ1-11
Pattern Name: Luzon
Color: Blue
Brand: Walltalkers
Designer: Patty Madden
Pattern Style: Geometric